8 Reasons Why You Need to Change Locks

Your home security is one of the top priorities on your list of essential things in life (if it isn’t, it should be, your life depends on it).

Lexus Key Flashing

Lexus and Toyota keys in early transponder equipped models sometimes need to have the computer flashed to a new, virgin state to accept new keys.

Hire an affordable locksmith

Locksmith Hiring: How to Go About It

Finding and hiring a locksmith when you need one can be quite a challenge.

Locked Out? Read this before hiring a Locksmith

Locked out of your home? We can help you with that. And we won’t even charge you extra for being in an emergency situation.

Automobile Security in Old Vehicles is still threatened by Jiggler Keys

Jiggler keys are going to continue threatening automobile security for some time. Until modern technology is completely integrated into all automobile security systems, the problem of jiggler keys in the hands of criminals will terrorize car owners for a while.

12 Timeless hacks to hire the right Locksmith every time

What should you do to find the right locksmith ? What should you look out for when searching for one? And after you have found one, what should you do to maintain a long business relationship with them? These post will answer those questions and more.

Locksmith hiring advice: You will never go wrong again

A good locksmith can become someone you love and trust. Use these suggestions so that you will already have a professional locksmith for times like these.